Saturday, 26 January 2013


Having pups did not only expand Katcha's waistline,
but also expanded her mind.
She has found  possibilities,
discovered her wings,
and explored a world...
beyond the sheep pasture.

All this, has meant that a lock down was inevitable.
The fact that the snow is almost fence high,
and that the hot part of the fence is down,
has not helped this delicate situation.

Katcha discovered that popping over the fence was actually no real problem.

ALL my dogs respect fences,
they do not just hop out,
or over,
or through..

If they do,
I look for solutions.

For Katcha that means living with a tire for the next while.
She, does feel rather sheepish with her new attachment.

However, if she does not stay in the pasture with her sheep,
there could be serious consequences such as:
  1. being shot
    (she looks like a wolf or coyote and with a bounty here she is not safe)
  2. she goes wondering
  3. gets run over
  4. sheep are unprotected
  5. she gets killed by wolves, cougars or coyotes
  6. she gets accidently bred by a border collie, a coyote, a wolf, a poodle...
  7. she wonders off into the woods
  8. a moose stomps on her
  9. she gets stolen ( not likely, but still..)
  10. aliens abduct her ( not likely, but is a possibility)
All this hoping over fences also just makes me mad.
When I am mad:
- I am in a foul mood
- tend to be unreasonable
- will swear on occassion
- get pissy
and generally life gets very unpleasant.
So, to prevent all of the above happening,
I placed Katcha on lock down.
Now, when I go out and see her
I am happy to know she is still in the sheep pasture and I am in a good mood.
When the snow is gone, and the electric fence works
I will put some serious training time back into her.
For now,
life kind of sucks for Katcha!

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