Sunday, 7 August 2011

Bad weather and bad luck, and a useless internet connection!

We are desperately trying to make hay.
After we came back from our mountain trip, the weather changed and the sun started shining.
We rushed out to start cutting and raking.
Eric was really keen to try out our “new” baler (for us it is new).
We have managed to get all our own land cut and baled.

However, we are just getting plagued by machinery failures, bad weather and bad luck.
We were haying a field that we rent, and the man cutting for us, did not see (and nobody told us) that their was a old harrow parked out in the filed. With the grass waist high, we could not see it. Unfortunately, the mower ran over with over $7000 in damages. Then the bearings went in our own mower, and then the PTO shaft broke off on our tractor and then our spare tractor’s clutch broke down (and after ordering a new one, it is still not working, so their must be another problem…), and then the borrowed tractor’s battery went and so it carries on and on. The weather is unreliable, two days sun and then a heavy rain fall…

We have about another 800 bales to make and we sure hope things take a turn for the better now as we are so far behind in haying, lambing will be starting soon again and before we know it the snow will be flying again…

All this, and a bad internet connection,
has resulted in very little blogging, and I love blogging.
So, I am feeling somewhat frustrated!

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