Friday, 26 August 2011

An update of our guardian dog pups.

I have recently blogged about other peoples pups,
and blogged about other peoples guardian dogs,
so it is time to give an update of our own pups.

Fena had some pups last winter, and these pups are looking grown up but are acting like
naughty kids at times..
Here are the twins, Molly and Buddy.

They are pretty hard to tell apart..
the left one is Buddy and the right one is Molly.


Their training is coming along.
Both these pups are for sale to suitable flocks and owners!

Their litter sister is Lucy, the only grey pup out of the whole litter.
Lucy was never a very social pup and even now she still remains a bit distant.
She has the build of her mother, where Buddy and Molly look more and more like Beli their father.
Due to her grey color she is a bit more photogenic than her white litter mates:

She shares a pasture with her Dad and the rams.

My two other "pups", Vuk and Katcha are now almost 18 months old.
Katcha is full on guard duty. She goes out everyday with the  ewes to the bush.
She is very diligent in her work and she will always be somewhere close to the ewes.

She has matured into a really nice dog,
She shares her duties with Snowy.
Katcha does not really like working with the other females (she is very dominant),
Snowy is laid back and submissive, so these two get along well.

Here is another picture of Katcha:

Vuk, aah Vuk.
He is,
as he has always been,
high energy.
I have honestly, never seen any mountain breed with as much energy as he has.
Most are big, rather lumbering, slower types of dogs.
Vuk, can run, jump, leap and move like  a collie.
See these pictures of mostly grass.
Vuk is in their somewhere...

 and he stops for a moment,
and my camer has time to autofocus..

All the older dogs, are doing good and will be the topic of a future blog post.

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