Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A domestic moment

 Summer Gold!

 These last two days have been filled with domestic chores...
So move over Ramsey, Pioneer Women and whoever else is famous for their cooking skills!
Jess, Michelle and I canned about 120lbs of peaches into:
Plain peach slices,
a wonderful tangy peach jam
and a "to-die-for" peach Salsa.

If only you could have smelt my kitchen...

The fruits of our work:

In between canning peaches, we also canned 20lbs of tomatoes,
rode our horses,
checked the cows,
moved the sheep,
fed  the other critters,
separated 4 in season bitches,
made dinner, did the washing, vacuumed the house
 and also
baked beer bread...
Really, nothing beats homemade fresh bread out of the oven with real butter and freshly made tangy peach jam for lunch!

So, now we have managed to save some summer gold for the long and dark winter months up ahead!

And, today it was back to cutting hay...

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