Thursday, 25 August 2011

I am going back to school.

Today, exactly three years ago we moved to Canada.
A lot has happened in these years and we have become quite Canadianized.
 As of now, I can start studying on how to become a “real” Canadian.

I think I understand the basics though:

* All winter long we talk about the weather, particularly about the cold, amount of snow, wind etc. : “Its cold, eh?”

*As Amsterdam has its “coffee shops” (they DON’T sell coffee at these coffee shops), Canadians also have to have their regular fix at the Canadian Coffee Shop Tim Hortons.

* I think I fall into the category of Redneck …

*It is all about the rocks and pucks.

*Unless you have a cabin (minimum of 1500 sq feet..) at the lake or in the mountains, you just don’t count.

* On the phone everyone first asks “how you are doing, eh” even before they tell you who they are. Do Canadians really think I want to tell a total stranger, how I am doing when I know they are not interested?

* Canadians are polite and like to beat around the bush when it comes to  any (awkward) questions…for example
I ask: “Rod, what do you think, should I use an angus bull on my cows or a charollais?”
Rod says: “Well, an Angus is nice, a Charollais is also good…”

* Sheep ranching doesn’t count in cattle country,
even though sheep make more money than cows..”

*Prairie oysters are not as good as everyone likes to pretend they are.

* If you like dogs and have one that is reasonably under control, you quickly get labeled the “Dog man/women/people”

*Rack size is important.

*Telemarketers are a plague.

*You have lots of lawenforcement:
RCMP, Peace Officers, Sheriffs
 as well as the Fish and Wildlife cops.

So, as you can see I am well on my way to becoming a Canadian citizen,
all I still need to do is brush up on is some history and politics!

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