Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Is life really fair?

As you can see,
I pride myself in breeding:
 tough working sarplaninac dogs:

(Yes, those are cute little red ribbons in her ears!!!)

I love hearing from owners who have bought pups from me, telling me how they are doing.
But, sometimes a picture tells more than a thousand words...
Vara, here, lives a pampered life in Montana.
Her owners love her dearly and she knows that;
with regular visits to the beauty salon, ribbons in her hair and a warm, clean house to live in.

Sophie, her litter sister,
is also loved dearly by her owner Jacqui (and a whole bunch of ewes).
She, however,
smells like sheep,
has the odd burr in her fur
and has to work for her dinner.


So, you see,
life is just not fair..
 Had Sophie wagged her tail at just a different moment,
then she too could have had ribbons in her ears..

As George Orwell once said:
"All animals are equal,
but some are more equal than others".

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