Thursday, 28 July 2011

Our mountain trip

Cadomin here we come!

We had a wonderful break in the mountains, riding rocky trails, wading through rivers, enjoying the scenery and  experiencing the mountain weather!

We got hailed on, we got rained on and the sun warmed us up again.
We got really cold.
Not just cold, but icy cold!
Saturday morning started out good and then once we had saddled up and left camp it just rained and rained non stop. After a wrong turn we missed going up to Fiddle pass, but ended up at the Whitehorse Creek Waterfalls.

Somehow, a waterfall in the pouring rain does not have the same appeal that a warm summer day brings with it…
The diehards continued on to Fiddle Pass in the afternoon while the wusses returned to camp!

 Our evenings where dry and we sat around the camp fire. We exchanged our scary bear stories (somewhere darn right funny), while enjoying a nice steaming cup of Baileys and coffee.  
Windi shared her poems, sang songs and we had a wonderful time together.

Michele, our very own camp cook made sure we were well fed and kept the home fires burning while we where out exploring the mountains.

Sunday, was a beautiful day so we set out again to explore, some of the trails where very steep and rocky.
The adrenaline rush sure made us feel alive!!

We had one small mishap, when  my Allie fell down and rolled… luckily, nobody was injured as I had baled off before she went over. Other than a small scratch she was not injured. After that I lead her up the rest of the incline, once at the top I was wheezing and out of breath, sounding like I was having some kind of attack..
my pride was hurt.
Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Jolien, who left after this weekend.
It was great meeting and getting to know her!

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