Tuesday, 12 July 2011

No hoof, no horse..

I am a believer that most horses should be barefoot.
With that said,
I understand that there are circumstances where horses do need to be shod.
We are heading off to the mountains with the horses in a few weeks time and the horses need to be shod for this trip.
My regular farrier had decided that he was too busy, my back-up farrier was not answereing his phone,
so in desperation I  had to go looking for another farrier.
Up here in the Peace Country, there are either too many horses or too few farriers,
on second thought,
perhaps their are too many horses AND to few farriers!
So finding another farrier was more difficult than I thought.
It took more than a few weeks to finally find someone.
 Finally (and thankfully) he came.

He measured and hammered,
heated and grinded,
measured again,
heated, hammered, grinded and
finally nailed.
And now my horses have shiny, properly fitted new shoes.

And, when we return from the mountains,
they will go back to being barefooted,
footloose and fancy free
cow ponies.

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