Sunday, 3 July 2011

Ranch roping and pasture doctoring

We have two friends visiting from the Netherlands; Jolien is a 4th year veterinary student and Joska is a horse trainer back home.
 This is there first visit to Canada and as both enjoy riding, we spent an afternoon with Charlie and Joe checking cows and calves, roping and doctoring the sick and lame. This was quiet the experience for Jolien and Joska. Jolien was quizzed on her cattle veterinary knowledge and got some hands on experience.
Here are a million pictures:
First you need to ride through the herd in a quiet way,
 looking for sick or lame cows,

once they are spotted, Charlie, on his sorrel horse (who "needs more experience" according to Charlie) and Joe prepare their ropes.
The cow is quickly caught, a rope around the head and one on the heels and she is down and ready to be treated.

Our horses, Ally and Smokey pay close attention to what is happening on the ground.

Now, for the sake of better pictures,  my photo's will now switch from this black cow to a red cow... but the story carries on...

Once the cow is down, the roping horses holding her, Charlie goes out to check the reason why the cow is lame. Jolien had to join him for her ranch doctoring education.

First you examine the hoof, cut away the bad bits, then you inject antibiotics, now, don't forget to mark the cow and then get back on your horse and let the cow go...

Charlie really takes the time to explain what he is doing..

Then, Jolien gets quizzed as to what to inject the cow.

Jess and Joska look on, while holding our horses who take the opportunity to grab a mouthful of grass while they wait.

Joe on the paint.

The little sorrel who "needs more experience" working the rope.

Jolien got some hands on experience.

The sorrel gets some training,
to hold the rope right and to stay in position.

Joska, out on the range..

After a number of hours checking different herds in different pastures, we headed off home to feed sheep, pull out stuck trucks in the mud, walk dogs and to take Jess and Joska riding again that evening...
Summer days are full.

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