Monday, 27 June 2011

I think the drought is over...

We are having incessant heavy rain.
With well over 5 inches these last few days our fields are water logged, our road ways are a muddy mess and the ditches are overflowing.
The good thing with all this rain is that the grass is growing and growing.
If it will dry up we may even have a wonderful hay crop this year.

This buck is bathing in grass:

The ewes and lambs are having a hard time with all the water,
the lambs are just not really drying up and we can see that this is costing them some growth. To supplement the water soaked grass we are feeding some hay. The sheep really appreciate this extra roughage. We only have 10 ewes left to lamb, so the end is in sight!

The neighbourhood babies are growing up fast.
Here is a recent photo of one of the fox babies:

and here is a photo of one of the fish eagles babies:

We went to check the cattle in between the rain.
The cows are looking happy.
We like happy cows.

We also did some gardening with some of our sheep.
We placed some electric nets in the "wild parts" of the garden, along with about 300 sheep.
They disappeared for a day or two but eventually we could see them again...

Katcha had garden guard duties..
Even our farm sign became more visible after the sheep did some gardening.

Here we are moving the sheep to another area to graze:

With all the rain, the grass is growing right into the mouths of the animals on our ranch,
All they need to do is stand in one place and chomp down..

We are not complaining about the moisture,
but a few dry days would be nice right about now!

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