Tuesday, 7 June 2011

4H Market steer project is... done.

I believe that what the kids learn in 4 H carries on with them their whole lives. Our kids are active in the local 4 H club and participate in many of the activities and projects. 4H beef is a big project and the kids need to show a lot of dedication, input and time to halter break their steers, teach them to walk nicely on a lead, be placed in show stance, the grooming, washing and of course daily feeding.

Both our kids had a steer however we decided against showing Roy's steer as he is a bit dangerous and can be rather mean...
So, as alternative job at the beef show, Roy had the honours to sing "O Canada" for all the people present!
He is improving in his singing talent.
Jess showed her "Blackie" Angus.

He was not such a big steer and considering that Jess choose him for cuteness rather than for a beef like conformation, he actually did not do too badly.
His rate of gain was average, about 2.2 lbs per day.
Jess won a a few ribbons.
After the show all the steers get sold by auction.
Johnnies Meat and  Sausage bought Blackie.
Jess handed him a plaque, thanking him for buying her steer.

After the tears had dried up, Jess still managd to say a last goodbye to her 2011 beef project.
And, I could cross off another job for this year!

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