Friday, 8 July 2011

Chasing my tail..

It seems like I am running around in circles and chasing my own tail...
I am running so far behind,
as this post will demonstrate.
It is now July 8th and I am going to blog about Canada day!
Forgive me.

Every year we celebrate Canada Day at "our" local community hall.
This hall is affectionatley called Triangle Hall, not because it is triangular
but because it is situated on the corner of a few "big" roads.
At this hall is a small church, a museum, saw mill and lots and lots of old stuff from yester year.

On June 30th the Canada Day celebrations starts off with a jamboree.
July 1st kicks starts with a pancake breakfast and then the day is filled with all kinds of demonstartions and activities.
There is an old timer tractor parade:

 We see old stuff and new!

Jess helped our neighbor Roeby to do nail art!
The tractor pull was won by a 14 year old girl, with a full pull,
all the men got stuck in a hole halfway up the track!

Family and friends enjoy the day.

We give a sheepdog demonstration,
and the public just seem to love seeing the dogs working.

The celebrations ended with a fireworks display.


and before you know it, it is a week later!

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