Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Trip down memory lane

These photo's of this mixed flock certaily brings up many memories for me from all the years I shepherded sheep in the Netherlands. All our sheep were moved on foot from one area to another. We had to contend with traffic, guide the sheep through cities, roads, we grazed on river dijkes, golfcourses, heather regions. We moved sheep with the collies along highways, over bridges, through towns. It was always an adventure.

The flock approaches:

  The lead donkey guides the way for this mixed herd of sheep, goats, donkeys and guard dogs.

Moving the flock to the side to allow the traffic to pass.

These men have a job to keep things moving along.
I am sure they would appreciate a good collie dog!

I am not sure what breed these two guardian dogs are, however they do look a bit like a central asian ovcharka.
These dogs remind me of our CAO we once had, called Koira.

Seeing all these images from Allison Chapman in K-stan reminds me of those wonderful years.
Once again Ally thanks. I am sure I am not the only one that loves to look at this images!

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