Tuesday, 3 May 2011

News from Kyrgyzstan (part 1)

 I have a friend and collegue sarplaninac lover, called Ally Chapman.
She is the breeder of my Vuk.
Normally she resides in Pennsylvania, USA however she has been sent on a mission to Krygyzstan. I asked her to send me some pictures and news for my blog about her adventures there. One of her primary tasks is to renuite the police and local communities together. To undertake this mission she has had to learn some Kyrg (?). She will be living there for a year and I just love to hear about her adventures .
Here is a recent update, part 1.

Above is a picture of the mountains just outside of Bishkek, in Kyrgyzstan. These are also home to the white snow leopards.

Referee at National Sport Kok-Boru (don't ask what they use as "ball") played on horseback on the famous Kyrgyz horse:
The Kyrgyz saddle looks/is very uncomfortable!

The game in action!
Beats fast barrel racing by a 100% !!

As Ally is a dog lover (particularly Sarplaninacs!),
she just could not resist a dog in her life...

This is ”Little Alkaldo” Kyrgyz for “Clever” he is a street dog that spends time with me every day.  I named him Alkaldo because he can get in and out of trash dumpsters.  He is the only dog here that I have seen able to get in and out and therefore get all the “good stuff.”  I, of course, have been supplementing his diet with some good stuff.  For a street dog he is gentle, affectionate, non-aggressive and avoids other dogs competing for food. He has become my buddy and comes to my whistle when not foraging. He is in good condition and seems to enjoy life.  He helps me miss my dogs a little bit less.

Part two will follow...

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