Friday, 6 May 2011

Going for water

Everyday I take the sheep out and walk them to a dugout (water pool) about half a mile away. This serves a number of purposes, the first being to...
  • Water the sheep
  • Get me (especially me), the dogs and the sheep fitter for the summer grazing season.
  • To train the sheep to walk were we want them to and not run around like a bunch of hooligans.
  • Put some command on the dogs after a long and work free winter.

    The beginning is always a bit chaotic as the sheep run around looking for grain, but once they are headed in the right direction they settle down somewhat.

    This is a bit calmer:

As we head around the corner things get a little out of hand but nothing that my two trusty collies can't handle. My only two fully trained work dogs are Sheila and Lad, Echo and Solo will have to step up and get going this summer.
This is Sheila, she is camera shy and will never look into the camera. She honestly believes that if her picture is taken her soul will be stolen... despite my assurances..
she will not look into the camera.

Lad, my faithful friend.
He works hard but at times forgets that the Canadian sheep are not like flighty Welsh Mountain sheep. He needs to use his teeth now and again to remind these ewes to get back into line...

On the way to the water pool we walk by some swampy areas full of pussy willows and puddles. The sheep love to drink from these pools.
The last remnants of the winter snow can still be found here.

Once we reach the pool, the sheep do not just rush over and drink, the first try to spread out in search of the one and only brave grass shoot that dared to poke out. The dogs need to keep the ewes gathered up at the pool to force them to drink, now please!  I am mostly a patient person..
but not for the whole day to wait for a few ewes decide when they want to drink...
my policy is, when you get to water drink.
My dogs help enforce this policy.

And then finally, the water scene...
After this the sheep amble home in a orderly and quiet fashion!

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