Sunday, 1 May 2011

Guardian Dogs around the world

I have been asked to give a presentation about raising guardian dogs.
Of course I have enough photo material of our own dogs, however to spice things up and show various breeds through-out the world working, I recently asked people to send me some of their pictures of guardian dogs.
I will be posting some of these pictures on this blog.
Many years ago we used to have a Central Asian Ovcharka (CAO) called Koira. His parents came from Turkmeinistan. Unfortunately, he was not the most reliable of dogs with the sheep and goats however he was perfect with chickens and ducks.
When I saw this picture, (who unfortunatly I have no information about),
I knew it must be from a central asian country.
The nomadic lifestyle is very evident here and the dogs play an important role in protecting the caravans, animals and people on their travels.

I do believe this is a Koochie or CAO type of pup.
Thanks Beck for this picture!

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