Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Part two Krygyzstan

Whenever Ally is somewhere on a mission,
dogs are an important part of her "recreation",
read about what her other project is after watching horses and street dogs..

This is my project in my spare time.  Trying to get equipment and raise money for the Osh City K-9 Unit.  It is only through the absolute dedication of a few that the Unit survives.  Barely.  There is no line waiting to be a K-9 officer here, the culture does not encourage close contact with dogs.  The equipment and the kennels are barely serviceable.  The men who take care and train these dogs are very unique.  They love them as well as work with them.  They use modern methods of positive training and have the knowledge, but not the resources.  They are in desperate need of equipment, collars, leashes, toys, bowls, bedding, you name it  as well as know how in training and practical guidance in narcotics detection as the narcotics routes increase through their country.  So, if any one can help in any way ... (You can reach Ally through me if anyone can help or can donate any items..)

The trainers “bite suit” a heavy overcoat.

They gave me a tracking demonstration which was very impressive!
This is where they keep what little supplies they have:

The place may not look like much,
but what they do have goes to the dogs who were in very good condition.


  These 2 dogs belong to my Swedish colleague who adopted them and were former street puppies. The dog on the right has been very ill. I spent last weekend ministering to the pup rehydrating him, and getting some nourishment into him.  The little guy, named “Topi” is a fighter and has a strong will to live.  We don’t know what’s wrong with him, his illness affected both dogs but the female on the right recovered quickly (within 2-3 days).  It may have been parasite related.  My colleague will be taking both dogs back with him to Sweden at the end of our project.

That’s all for now.  In this beautiful and fruitful land there seems to be a people of strong will and dedication but an economy and government struggling to keep up with the modern world.  I am here for one year and part of my responsibilities is to facilitate and reunite the police and communities torn apart by the events of June 2010.
There are a million stories to be told.

Thanks Ally for your contribution!

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