Saturday, 12 November 2016

We're back and the pups grew up!

Pups 7 weeks old.

I know this blog is extremely long with almost 50 photo's but really, it is not my fault that Shara and Meco decided they had to have 12 pups!

On each photo is the identification of each pup.
The pups are a little shyer than normal, I think that has to do with the size of the litter and the fact that they have only seen Roy for the past few weeks as we were away in Europe.
I am however very confident that this shyness is temporary.
The pups are stong, healthy and will be getting their first vaccinations this next week.
The pups have time to free range around the barn, meet the cats, the barn runty sheep and the steers.
There excursions are getting further and further.
Yesterday, we took them for a meet and greet with the rams. This was a little intimidating as the rams were not as friendly to them as our ewes are.

We do have some males still available for suitable homes. For more info on how we do things with the pups, please check out our website:

This pup is a little shy and not as out going as some of the other pups.

Confident and bold pup. 

Another middle of the road type pup, not the first out of the gate but always ready to join in when he warms up to a new activity.

Quite a brave pup, does not mind going on a little adventure on his own.

Blue paws is a friendly guy, also one of the more confident pups in the litter.

he is probably the shyest pup in the litter. Hangs back a little and watches what is happening.

For her smaller size, she is quite confident.

Blue is handsome, and likes to observe things before diving headlong into trouble.

This is big gray pup. Always the biggest pup in the litter. He is serious and super cool. 

Nice looking pup, he is another pup who likes to hang with the crowd, he is not shy to have some fun.

This is a handsome boy, very calm and middle of the road.

The pups and their favorite kid and cat!

The pups love the old cat.

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