Monday, 21 November 2016

Pups 9 weeks old

The pups are growing faster than what I can keep up with!
I cannot believe that they are 9 weeks old already.

I went out with Roy and took some new pictures today, and then realized too late that I did deleted a bunch of the photo's. so, I do not have all the pups this time around.

I will share what I have...

To tally confuse things, the pup that now has the red and yellow collar is not the same pup as before.
The red and yellow collar fell off and I placed it on the wrong pup.
So, red/yellow collar is the white paws pup.

This is the white paws pup, as this pup has white toes tips.

Male 1

Male 2

I hope to be able to get the rest tomorrow.

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