Thursday, 20 October 2016

Portugal and Pups

I really should be packing right now as I am heading off to Portugal tomorrow.
I have been invited by a Mediterranean Wolf organization to come and visit with shepherds and to talk about how we do things here with regards to predation, Wildlife Friendly and other matters on Co-existence.
I am super excited to have been invited to go and look forward to this adventure.
Nothing is nicer than visiting with sheep, shepherds and their dogs and talking about how better to co- exist with wildlife.

After Portugal, we are heading to the Netherlands to visit the family and then going on to Belgium to look at importing some new Brabant horses.

Much more about this later!

I had to sneak in a quick blog about the puppies, as it will be awhile before I am back and can take new photo's.

So, the pups are now almost 4 weeks old.
They have gained weight and are now starting to develop their characters.
All the fun mouthing and invites to play, are developing.
They are eating well and happy to be on solids,  while still snacking on  moms milk.
Shara still has the patience of an angel with them.

They have been dewormed, nails clipped and have made a few exploratory trips around the barn.
They did meet the shrimpy lambs in the barn, and that was quite scary for... the lambs.
Nothing mind blowing as it is all very tentative still.

Here are today's pictures of the pups:

Well, I am sure I will post some pictures of my trip to Portugal on Facebook and will blog about the experience, once I am back.

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