Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Rex, the steady one

So, in my last blog I did a little write up about one of the two pups we imported this spring.
The other pup that came this way came all the way from Montenegro to come and live with us here in Alberta, Canada.
Thank you to Nenad for this pup, and to Stepanka in doing all the organizing!

Rex, as I have named him comes from a breeder that I am a little familar with.
He owns the sire of one of my breeding females, Katcha.
Katcha is a great guardian dog and so when the opportunity arose to get another pup, out of a different line, from this breeder I decided to take this opportunity.

Rex is the polar opposite of Kushi.
He is more low energy, calm and controlled.
Kushi ensures that Rex gets his exercise and movement everyday.
At times, I feel a little weary for Rex, as Kushi runs circles around him.

Rex is easy to have around, he blended right in with the sheep.
He is not out looking for trouble but will certainly stand his ground.
Rex is a more heavier set pup and has the type of temperament that is accommodating and easy to get a long with.

he is a little younger than Kushi, so is just now in the process of getting his dark adult coat.

He is joy to be around and as he matures he is going to be a strong, steadfast and confident male.
I am excited to see how he will be in a year or two from now.

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