Saturday, 15 October 2016

Puppys galore

A shout out here to all moms raising more than one..
Shara's dozen are doing very well.
We had to supplement them somewhat as 12 meant their was just too much competition at the milk bar and the littler ones got a little left behind.
The pups are now eating and lapping out of a dish, Shara is still milking them full time .

They are hitting all their puppy milestones,
All have grown, all have their eyes open, all are walking and starting to play with each other. their vocalizations have gone from puppy grunts to little barks and howls.
They are looking great and starting to go from the mole stage to the puppy fun stage.

I trimmed 300 little puppy nails so they would not scratch Shara too much.
Wow, what a job!

The pups will be three weeks old this coming week.
I have some  poor cell phone pictures of them, and will post what I have so that you can see the progression since the last time I posted about them.

2 weeks old:

The pups have them remnants of the food all over their body, they look a little "crusty"

Almost 3 weeks old:

I had made a whole bunch of individual photo's but they turned out a too dark and were not good to look at, so will have to redo them.

I still have 4 males available from the litter,
please visit our website for more information

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