Monday, 9 March 2015

Our lambing facility

I cannot describe how relieved I felt when I saw the first load of straw bales headed into our yard.
With the no barn and lambing starting,
we were desperate to try and get some form of shelter for the ewes.

We decided to build straw bale corrals to keep the ewes out of the wind.
We loaned 6 stock trailers from many good people in High Prairie, to be able to put the ewes and lambs separate for a few hours to "mother up" drink and dry off.

Our neighbors, and friends have been hauling bales and building straw shelters,
these past two days.
The sense of urgency was high.

We have been loaned tractors, panels, trailers and help in order to make these straw corrals.
Once we have a moment, we will formally thank everyone for all their help and kindness.
Jess and Zane drove home this past weekend to help with build the shelters.

Many people offered ideas to put up various types of structures, but with the ground frozen solid, high winds and potential for  lots of snow, we felt the risk of a make shift roof, may be too high.
If we did have tarps caving in,
it would be another disaster for the animals.

The start, of the first straw bale corral.

The new corral for the ewes.
Don't be fooled by the sunshine,
the weather has been brutally cold with winds from the north.
We hope this straw corral will provide some shelter from the wind and
a warmer place to bed down.

The ewes will lamb in this corral,
and then move into a stock trailer.

A second corral has been built to house the ewes with the lambs.

Two large straw corrals, 7 trailers and a small shed

We will set up a coverall "building" on Wednesday for the really needy animals.

Many people have sent us such sweet and motivating messages,
it really does help knowing that we are in people's thoughts and prayers.
Some, have mentioned how "strong" we are,
however, we have no choice.
At times, I would love to curl into a little ball and just cry,
but there is no time.
We need to do all we can for these newborn lambs and their moms.

So, we will just have to forge ahead.

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  1. Keep on keeping on. We are thinking of you here.


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