Thursday, 26 March 2015

Mali and the foundling

So, here is a little story behind Mali and the foundling lamb.

At night we corral the ewes for lambing, so that we do not have to check the entire pasture in the night for lambs.
During the day, the ewes are let out and they can pretty much lamb where ever they please.
Most ewes are good moms, and stay with their newborn lambs.
Occasionally, a ewe will have her lamb, get up, and simply walk away from the newborn.

We have found that our dogs will generally stay at a nice distance away from a ewe having her lamb, and will keep an eye out on the whole procedure,
 but will not meddle in the process. 

However, if they find a new born lamb with no mom in sight,
the dogs will stay with the lamb until, I arrive to "save it"

So, one morning I go out to check and young Mali is no where to be found.
I walk around the straw bales we put up as wind breaks, to find her sitting with this baby.
There were some ewes around, but not the mother.

So, when I arrive, 
Mali see's this as her cue to leave this baby in my hands.

As, she is leaving, the baby lamb starts to run after the only mother it has ever known,

Mali, stops looks back, and goes into "babysitting" mode.

Resigned to her role as babysitter, she tolerates all the nudging and searching this lamb does for some milk.

Patiently she waits.

Still, waiting for the mom to arrive.

The expression on her face, is rather,
sheepish to say the least.

I left Mali with the baby,
found the wayward mother,
placed her in a pen,
gave her the lamb,
whispered in the sheep's ear that if she does not love her baby soon,
 she may end up on a truck going south.
She decided to love her baby.

Mali could go back to work as a brave and fearless
livestock guardian dog.


  1. Beautiful story, beautiful dog. <3
    I hope to own one of them in the near future.
    I have a GP / Anatolian now.

  2. Thank you for a great article. I love these dogs (LGDs) .

  3. thank you for posting such a heart warming story, love your dogs :)

  4. So THAT's how you get the moms to bond back with the bummers...


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