Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Lady Luck aka Smoky aka Brown

So, it has been two weeks since we had the huge fire that killed 7 of our Sarplaninac pups,
 a border collie and 30 ewes and lambs.
We lost our barn, that was only 5 years old, it was the center of our farm, it was huge 300 x 80 x24 feet.

Only one of the sarplaninac pups (Brown) managed to escape from the barn and survived the ordeal.
Somehow she had managed to get out of the burning building, and make her way to our home.
She had up to this point never been to our house before.
Our house was about 400 feet from the barn.
When we saw the fire, and raced outside,
we found her laying right on the doorstep.
She had found a way to get to our house,
she was covered in pieces of Alberta wild rose thorns, smelt like smoke and was pretty dirty,
but, she had found safety.
It still amazes me that she managed to get out of this devastation.

This is the area where the pups where housed.
We were reeling from this fire and had decided to "put" everything on hold 
 while we dealt with the aftermath and tragedy of this fire.

This pup was, at the time of the fire not spoken for,
primarily, because she was a little high energy and at times rather naughty.
She was a challenge to keep in the puppy pen and was rather inventive about finding novel ways out.
When she escaped from the puppy pen, it was always to the sheep and lambs in the barn.
This is probably what saved her life.

Anyhow, she is now 12 weeks old and has since the fire been living outside with the sheep and older dogs.
She is available to a suitable home.

So, here are some more specifics about this girl.
She is out of Sharmountain's Vuk and Katcha Ste Kot North.

She is well built and will be a very dark grey color once she matures.
She is fairly high energy and can be demanding at times.
She has been in with sheep since the day she was born and I am sure she will mature into a fantastic LGD.
She will need supervision and consistency from her new owner.
She does not like to be confined in small places, so will require some fence training.
She would do well if she had another older dog to guide her.

Meeting and greeting some of the other adult dogs.
She is attentive, well socialized, well raised.
She will be registered, has a microchip, is up to date with vaccines, will get her rabies this next week,
has had a health exam. She is up to date with deworming.

Her parents are fantastic guardian dogs, and we have a litter sister from the same combination, just two years older that is an amazing dog.

Our dogs are well raised, and we offer life long support and guidance.
She comes with health guarantees.

As you can imagine, this pup holds a special spot in my heart.

(Click on the image to enlarge)

For more information, please visit our website at:

As for my future breeding plans:

I will breed a litter again this spring, 
from either,
our female Mali:

 or Lucy.

So, stay posted on that news.


  1. Someone is going to be very happy!

  2. I have been praying for your family since I read of this devastation... I think this is a special puppy, and someone will be so blessed to get her! I hope that you are able to pull through this hard time in your lives.

  3. How devastating. I'm so sorry to hear this news.


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