Sunday, 21 December 2014

The Perfect Christmas Tree

Perfect, is perhaps a stretch,
but every year Eric and Roy normally go out into our woods,
 to look for a Christmas tree.
As Roy is away in Europe this Christmas,
I decided to go with Eric this year to see if we could find a tree!
Now,  when Eric and Roy go out,
 they cut a great big spruce down,
then later just cut out the top of the tree,
 to bring into the house.
However, this year I asked for a smaller tree,
 that will actually fit into our house.

So, out we went..

No this one is too small,
too big,
too lopsided,
too young,
too old,

It was the moment, when I truly realized,
that I am such a tree-hugger,
that I could not bring myself to commit to cutting one tree down,
(We have a forest full...)

I suggested that maybe,
 we just get a fake one.

That did not fly with Eric.
So, we settled on a little tree,
 that would have battled,
 to make it into a big tree due to its poor position,
 next to a bigger spruce.

I made peace with myself,
and accepted that perfection was not attainable.

Eric cut it down,

He posed with his trophy,

tied it down onto the  front end loader of the tractor,
 and we headed back home.

On the way back,
growing along our fence line,
 was a bigger and better candidate,

so Eric, hopped off the tractor,
saw in hand
and de-limbed this spruce,
and by doing this,
the spruce could live on,
 and grow big and tall.
The severed limb will go on to be the Christmas tree for his office.

A future Christmas tree candidate?

Once home, the tree was placed in its traditional spot,
and the decorating could begin.

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