Thursday, 25 December 2014

Being Born is a Messy Job

As we head closer to Christmas,
nothing is more appropriate than sharing births in the barn.

When I look at these photo's of this little guy,
I think this is just so sweet, and cute, and tender,
so slimy and so bloody,
 and, oh so messy.

But, his momma loves him and that is all the counts
Both are doing  well.

The birth of the twins.

I love how the steam rises off this lamb.

Lamb 2 was a bit messy,
but his momma loves him.

We moved them into a nice warm lambing jug, where the bonding and cleaning could continue.
The ewe will lick them clean and dry,
this will stimulate them to get up and go and suck.

A good momma is the key to survival.

Hi there..

And then, a few days later..

Wishing you a loving and happy Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas. Thank you for sharing the joys of new lambs.

  2. Beautiful photo's Louise, thank you and Merry Christmas.


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