Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Puppies Katcha x Vuk


We bred Katcha to Vuk for a winter litter of pups.
On the 14th Dec, Katcha whelped 9 pups, 5 girls and 4 boys.

Katcha is pretty tired,
but is doing well with all her babies.

Here are the first pictures from  day 1 and day 2.
You can see them growing, already!

Day 2:
all the pups are color coded.
Girl colors and boy colors.

All the pups are very even in size.

Katcha Ste Kot North, is an import from the Czech Republic,
and the father of the pups is Sharmountain Vuk, an import from The USA.
Both parents work as full time LGD on our sheep and cattle ranch,
and some from the previous litter ( same combination) have gone on to be wonderful loyal family and home guardians.
We have a few pups still available to suitable homes.

For people who are wanting more information about the Sarplaninac (Sharplaninatz) breed you can visit our website:
For information about our puppies, how we "do it", and other information please visit our
Puppy policy page:


I will post regular updates on these little tykes!

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  1. What cute little pups. I don't blame mom for being tired, but all of them look happy, full and healthy. Are all pups born brown and then they lighten up as they grow?


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