Sunday, 28 December 2014

Thank you

We had a delayed Christmas, we wanted to wait until the kids were back from Europe.
This blog is about appreciation and thank you.

Firstly, thank you to the family and friends in Holland for welcoming the kids and giving them a great time in the Netherlands.

Next, thank you to Karl and Marjolijn Laarhuis for their awesome gifts.
We have know Karl and Marjolijn since 1992, they were the people who helped us find our very first, fantastic Sarplaninac!
Over the years we have stayed in touch and kept our friendship going despite us moving to Canada.
Without, their help and guidance, who knows, perhaps we would have ended up with Maremmas,
instead of Sarplaninacs. I am so  grateful that they helped us and introduced us to this fantastic breed.

When Marjolijn heard that our kids were coming to the Netherlands, she asked to meet up with them as she had "something" she wanted to give to me.
She mentioned to me that as they were getting older and wanted to gift me a few sarplaninac items, she wanted them to go to a "good home" and to someone who would appreciate them.
I am honored that she decided to gift them to me!
This book, is out of print and really hard to find.
One of the few sarplaninac books in English.
What a treasure to add to my collection!

And, then this lovely Sarplaninac  pendant,
it is extra special as it was made by a mutual friend, who passed away a few years back.
Thank you, Aad! We still remember you, and appreciate this lovely hanger.

A lovely framed stamp with the National dog from Yugoslavia.

And, a set of 4 Denar Sarplaninac coins.

Close up of the image of the Sarplaninac dog!

I cannot say thank you enough, And I will ensure that one day I will pass these on to someone who will give these artifacts a good home too!

Next, I would like to thank Eric for his Christmas gifts.
It has become somewhat of a joke between us..

3 years ago I got a art deco piece for on the wall.
It is interesting, but in reality looks like a dead squid.
Last year I got... drumroll a Air compressor!!

This year.. I got a generator.
So, sweet and so personal.
How many lucky woman out their get air compressors and generators?
I am now convinced that Eric is building it up and I am sure next year, I will be getting a new tractor.
It is like a natural progression:
Air compressor> generator> to tractor!!

Besides that I also got a handy dandy boot dryer.

Santa, spoilt me a got me a new pocket knife and a trail camera.
I am now going to set it up and see what wildlife roams our ranch when I am not around.

Finally, I am thankful for our awesome kids,
a good man,
wonderful friends all over the world,
good dogs, nice horses
a beautiful ranch,
a lovely Country.

I have a lot to be thankful for.

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  1. And I have to thank you for all the guardian dog mentoring throughout the years! (and the dogs thank you too)


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