Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Finally, we have a direct link to Royalty.

She did it.

She is probably the first Dutch,
 Rodeo Queen that High Prairie has ever seen.

When we moved to High Prairie, Jess got involved with the rodeo and decided then that she wanted to run for Rodeo Queen when she was old enough.
2013 was the year.
She entered the competition, initially they had 4 other contestants however by the time things become more serious they were down to two girls.
Ours  ( 17) and a older (21), born and bred High Prairian lass.
The competition would be tough.
A few people mentioned to me and to Jess that she would not ever be able to win,
simply because of who the other contestant was.
Jess felt rather despondent with that. 
87 year old Frank, said to Jess:
" Girl, you have two choices;
you can go with your tail between your legs or
you can kick the door down."
She chose to give it her best and kick the darn door down.

Rodeo Queen here is not just a pretty face,
the girls actually have to be able to:
1. ride their own horse
2. Ride a strange horse
3. give a public speech
4. do an impromptu
They get judged on their poise and personality at various events by "unknown judges"
and  of course their appearance.
The have to have a good sales pitch as they also need to sell 50/50 rodeo queen tickets.

The competition spans a few months and the girls are expected to go out into the community, volunteer and of course promote our small town pro rodeo.
So, take a peak at some of the things the girls had to do:
Work at Canada Day:

Smile and wave,
wave and smile.
Always smile.

For the speeches part, Jess chose a tough topic,
"Animal welfare in Rodeo",
she chose a mature topic,
 was a bit fast in presenting it ( nerves)
but nailed it.
She even made some people stop and think about animals and their welfare,
 in rodeo...
We thought she nailed it, and so did the judges!!
For horsemanship she used her Dads' Smokey.
This grey horse makes Jess shine.
She did take additional reining lessons,
 as the girls have to ride a reining pattern.
The reining went ok, both girls made faults so it was not a clear cut win.
Jess and  Smokey looked pretty neat though.

On the horsemanship test, on a strange horse
Jess, once again did very well.

Then it was onto parades.
Smile and wave.


And, photo shoots:

and, then finally onto the rodeo.
 Queen Contestants have to work,
they have to help out with the  kids for muttin bustin,
chase calves, sell programs,  and do whatever needs doing.

and then,
day two of the rodeo,
the moment of truth,
with shaking knees,
the winner gets announced in front of the main stands.

Jess is crowned the
High Prairie Elks Pro Rodeo Queen!
 Lots of hugs, and congratulations..


"Girl, I knew you could do it.. you kicked the door down"
Frank Pratt (87) and Jess (17), share a love of horses and rodeo.
And, then back to work,
as Queen this time:
bovine stock removal, from  the arena,
and representing the Elks Pro Rodeo at various functions.

Jess is proud to support our rodeo.
We, are more than proud of her.
She worked hard and deserved this.

The community came out and supported her.
And, I am sure,
she will give back to the community.

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