Wednesday, 14 August 2013

We have pups,

Ok, not us, but Fena!
Fena produced a huge litter on the 10th of August.
11 pups in total.
Unfortunately, 2 died at birth and the following day 1 more died.

Fena will  have her "paws" full with these 8 vibrant pups.

We have 5 boys and 3 girls.
Some of the boys are spoken for.

Day 1:

The day after, all nice and dry and clean.

To read more about Fena and Vuk,
you can go to our website: HERE
or look back on the blog: HERE

These pups will make wonderful family, home, farm and stock guardians.
Fena is the epitome of calm, stable, protective, loyal and hardworking.
Vuk, is a typical male, active, alert, faithful and solid.

The type of owners I am wanting for these pups are:
dog friendly
interested in the breed
working home( flock or family guardian)

In return these dogs will give back:
they will lay their life down for you, your children, your home and your stock
lots of hair
some slobbery licks
a new understanding of stubbornness
they will broaden your horizons

From us, you can count on:
life long support

For people interested in the Sarplaninac as a flock guardian:
we offer all the help and advice you will need.

However, you will need to understand that:
these dogs are strong willed and will need guidance and supervision
I do not believe in a hands off raising,
some effort and work will be required on your part.
You will need to facilitate the pup to ensure a good and reliable guardian dog.
All LGD go through a naughty phase, you must be prepared to work through these issues when and if they arise.

The pups are:
well bred
from proven working parents
well socialised
raised with stock
health checked

We can ship them, however we would love to meet you in person.
The pups going as family/home guardians can leave the litter between 9-11 weeks.
Pups flying out of Canada, can leave at 11 weeks
Pups going to be flock guardians leave from 12 weeks ( although other arrangements can be made).

For people who would like to learn more about the breed,
or about flock guardians,
or just want to chat..
you are welcome to EMAIL or phone 1-780-523-9911

If  I do not answer directly,
it is because I am out petting the pups!

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