Friday, 9 August 2013

Sheep sheep sheep sheep sheep

I have not blogged much about the sheep this summer. .
In fact,
I have not blogged much,
this summer.

So much happens,
and we are so busy ,
that I get behind with my blogs.
 My stories and ramblings are then no longer really relevant.
So, I ponder and procrastinate..
if  I really can post pictures of the sheep with their wool still on?
(they were shorn over a month ago).
 do I post stories of places the sheep have been,
even though they are no longer there anymore?

Ohh, all these blogging dilemmas.

Anyway, here are some random sheep pictures,
before and after, 
here and there.

So, we ("we" as in the sheep)
graze the ditches:

(Good dog , Sheila.)

(Hello Katcha..)
  And, we grazed in the bush:

And, then we head off to the back forty (or more):

On route,
we may have to swim a puddle ( lake?) or three..

At night, we bed down all in a pile in the middle of the field.

(Hi Mali)
 Sometimes, we even do road trips:

Heading into new pastures:

Sometimes, we just disappear,

and then reappear once we have checked out the new grass.

(Heey Lucy!)
 At night, we head off back home.

The ewes head into the night corral and the lambs graze in the background.
(That'll do  Lad.)
The lambs stay out on pasture.

The real unfortunate ones end up at the rodeo,
 with a bunch of clowns:

(Good boy, Lad)
Meanwhile, back at the ranch,
the lambs catch the last few rays before dark.
 Lamb silhouettes:

To get a feel for this whole process
 here are three short videos of our travels;
 around the ranch and neighborhood.

Have a good weekend.

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