Thursday, 29 August 2013

Puppy Love

I actually wanted to call this blog
"Puppy porn"
however, I changed my mind..
 I (once) wrote a blog about our old Sarplaninac called Chantal.
I wrote about how she used to escort people in and out of our home..
The title to the blog was
"Chantal escort services".
I got inundated with comments about sex sites,
sexy ladies called Chantal
and various other links to such sites.

I regard this blog as "family friendly",
So, quickly deleted all such comments.
That episode convinced me that
 that  the above mentioned title, 
may not really be an appropriate title for this blog.

The pups are doing great.
Everyday they change a bit,
becoming more and more like puppies
and less and less like moles.

There eyes are open,
they are out and about exploring,
they are regularly found outside the whelping box,
and since yesterday they are eating solids!

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