Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sarplaninac Puppies

Last year August was the last time we had a litter of pups.
That was a really difficult time.
Snowy, had been accidentally bred and when she started whelping things went very wrong.
 We lost our lovely Sarplaninac female, Snowy
after a blundering mistake at the vets during an emergency C -section.
We were left to raise whole litter of orphan pups.

A week later,
a planned litter was born.
This past year was a sort of puppy time out.

I debated breeding our Lucy this spring,
 but did not feel ready to have another  litter yet.
Early summer rolled in and Fena came into season.
I was  thinking about possibly breeding her..

I had Fena out working in the back with Lucy and Katcha.
I decided to add in Vuk.
I never, as such saw, the actual breeding,
however Vuk was mooning over Fena so I assumed he had bred her.

I can now see the results,
and yes, Vuk still remembers what to do..
Fena is due to whelp a litter of grey sable pups,
 around the weekend of the 9th of August.
I am getting,
pretty excited about this litter.

So,  if you interested in a nice pup from two fantastic parents,
then please feel free to contact me.


Fena is one of our top guardian dogs.
She was imported from the Czech Republic.
She is calm, alert and  loyal.
She has a very steady temperament.
Her guardian instincts are perfect.

is an excellent guardian dog.
He is more high energy than Fena.
He is a strong willed dog, well built, energetic.
He is imported from the USA, from the Sharmountain Kennel.
He is a stunning dog.
Vuk spends the majority of his time guarding the rams and bulls
when no females are in heat he backs up the girls working with the main flock out in the bush.

All our pups are registered with the UKC.
The pups are microchipped.
Health checked.
We can ship them ( we live in northern Alberta, Canada).
They are raised with livestock.
Well handled, and get a lot of love and attention.

We offer,  lifelong support.
We like to hear how the pups are doing and like to stay in touch.
We can give you references from previous puppy buyers.
You are always welcome to come and visit,
meet the dogs and you can ALWAYS phone or email for advise or just to chat.

These sarplaninac pups make fanatstic guardian dogs,
loyal and faithful family guardians,
trusty home protectors.
 Most of all they want to be part of your family,
protecting all you value,
your kids, your home and your livestock.

For more information you can always look on our website:
or email us

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