Monday, 8 July 2013

My mom..

Now, I am not a "religious" person if you know what I mean?

 My mom and I were really close while I was growing up.
I regret not knowing her as an adult.
I would have loved to get to know her other than,
 as a mom.
Unfortunately, I was too young/immature to understand the value of this before she died.

I think about her often.
At times when I dispair,
I speak to her,
but  the conversation always rather one sided.

I vaguely contemplate visiting  a medium, 
yet my rational mind scoffs at that idea.
 My humorous side of my brain questions my sanity
And lastly,
where in High Prairie, would  I be able to find a medium,
 other than at the local fair at the rodeo..?

So, life goes on and I chat privately to my mom.

Last week, I had a bad day.
In a rather theatrical way,
I asked my mom, why she had forsaken me?

I went to bed, feeling despondent.
At 2.30am, the phone rings.
We were too late to answer the phone,
 so the answering machine caught the call.

The next morning I listened to the message.

It turns out to be my mums very best ( somewhat older) friend from South Africa.
This lady (Meryl) is probably in her ninety's now,
we have not had contact for 10-15 years,
I do not even think, that she knew that I had moved to Canada..

Her message was
" Hi Louise,
I was looking at some old photo's of  your mom today
and thought to give you a call...

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  1. Yes, your mom was very dear to me too. She scared me quite a bit as well! I was very fortunate to have known her.


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