Tuesday, 23 July 2013

For Sale

I love my dogs with a passion.
I really battle to sell them once they older and have been on our place for a while.
They feel like they belong here.

So, with that said, I have decided to offer for sale our two yearling Sarplaninac females, before they get to that point.
At the moment we have
5 and 6,
7,8 and 9 sarplaninac guardian dogs.

Our sheep are well protected.
I do not need 9 big dogs,
I am a little over dogged right now.

So, I have for sale:

Grazerie's Cindy

She is a white female ( which of course you can see on the photo..), almost a year old. She was orphaned as a pup and was hand raised with her litter mates. She is a quiet, young intact female. She is calm and not  very dominant. She has been raised primarily with sheep, horses and cattle. She would probably also make a poultry dog as she is gentle in nature. She is registered with the UKC, microchipped, vaccinated and dewormed. I do not concider her as "breeding quality". She respects fences and has never put a foot wrong with the livestock. She works well and is a sweet dog to have around. She is used to being handled. She does have one small problem, and that is that she did develope slight juvenile cateracts (from the milk formula) from being orphened. This has been checked over by a vet and the vet says it is stable and will not get worse. She has good vision, just a very slight bluish haze. Her temprament is pretty mild in nature.
She would suit various situations from a small livestock operation to family/acreage companion dog to a large sheep operation , working in a team of LGD.

Grazerie's Mali
Mali is almost one year old, she has been born and raised with Livestock. She has been with sheep, horses and cattle. She is well behaved, respects fences and has been out with the big dogs working with about 600 ewes. She has not been through a lambing yet. She has a strong willed temprament, yet calm in nature. She is a typical sarplaninac in character. She is very well built. She is handled, walks on a lead, knows to tie up. She is registered with the UKC, is microchipped, vaccinated and dewormed.  Mali is a breeding quality Sar. Her mother is imported from the Czech Republic and her father comes from Sharmountain Kennels, from the USA. This is a top quality girl, well raised. She is in the higher price range.

As always, I will give as much help, advice and guidance as necessary for these two dogs.
If you would like more information,
you are welcome to phone or email us.
Our contact information can be found on our website at

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