Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Jess recently went on a trip to Ottawa with the
"Encounters with Canada" Program.
Each week they have a different theme, the kids selected to go on this program (they had to write an essay), could chose the week that interested them the most.
Unfortunately, they did not have an Agricultural Program,
so Jess chose the Environment and Ecology week.

Here is an article in our local newspaper about her trip.
Click on the articles to enlarge, in this way they are readable..

Not only that, she has also decided to run for the Elks Pro Rodeo Queen

The Queen competition has a number of categories and competitions,
the girls have to do a Public Speaking Competition, have to do a Horsemanship competition, help out at a number of events and have to sell rodeo Queen 50/50 tickets.
All these tests, as well as categories such as Appearance and Personality are added together to select the next Elks Pro Rodeo Queen.

We are so proud of her, for all she does,
the community work she puts in,volunteering, her work ethic,
 she loves her small town community and she is a big supporter of our local rodeo.

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