Thursday, 30 May 2013

So, whats been happening at the ranch?

The Big News this week is...

that the ewes went out to graze for the first time in 2013!

It was great to see them out on pasture again.

Not only were the sheep happy to be out, the collies enjoyed some real work again and the guardian dogs were so excited to be back out again.

The old news is...

Well, we had a nice BBQ and campfire to celebrate:
  Eric's 50th birthday and Jess's 17th birthday

4-H is winding down,
so the last few weeks has been focusing on the Achievement days.
Horse Achievement was last week.
Jess won the Barrel racing part, but kind of bummed out on some of the other categories...

Roy, did well, he won a third in Barrel racing.

As the 4-H Beef and Lamb Achievement is this Saturday,
Jess and Roy headed off to the local radio station to help promote this event.

While keeping with the horses,
I have borrowed a couple of horses from Corey to ride this summer.
We enjoyed out first ride out this week.

We have decided to breed my Ally this year,
She will be bred to a paint horse stud...
I am so looking forward to that baby next year!

The weekend will be filled with 4-H things..

Wishing you a great end of May!

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