Friday, 10 May 2013

Friday Photo bombing

We went from a snow storm last week,
to plus 28C this week.
Never mind having spring!
So, it was a nice evening and I decided I needed to get some photo's of the two pups
Mali and Cindy.

These sarplaninac pups are now coming on 9 months old.
Mali ( the grey one) is a pup from Katcha and Vuk.
Cindy is one of the orphans from Snowy and Beli.

Cindy actually quite likes her photo taken:

Mali, on the other hand can be a little photo shy (just like her dad)
She  will try ( just like some people do) to  hide behind others,
 blend in,
try not to be noticed,
 pretend that her photo is not been taken
and that nothing is happening...

Sometimes, I can catch her without her looking away.

Sometimes, I need to take a phone photo of her while getting some loving..

Then, finally I take this picture of her,
which I totally love,
 due to her expression and the way she is watching me..

I needed to make a small adjustment to the camera, when
 my next frame,
is totally "photo-bombed" by dorky Cindy.
(Who feels she needs to be in the lime light.)
You can actually see Mali still laying in the same position,
before Cindy decided to be full frame!!

I managed later to get this one,
(which I also like).
without it being photo-bombed.

Finally, ended the evening with the sun setting and the two pups watching me leave them behind.
Both, by the way  are doing really great with the sheep, they are living full time with a group of about 150.

Have a great weekend!

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