Friday, 7 June 2013

4-H Photo Friday

Our last few weeks have been filled with Achievement days for 4-H.
Last weekend was the Beef and Lamb Achievement day.
This is a big event and requires a lot of organization as our 4-H club hosts the District event.

This year we had almost 30 market steers,
a cow and calf,
a bunch of heifers
13 market lambs
3 ewe lamb projects
all from our district 4-H clubs.

Here is a photo impression of the day,
just mostly our kids..

The kids did well.
Roy won Grand Champion Lamb,
Jr Showmanship and Jn Grooming

Jess was reserve champion Market lamb, reserve champ ewe lamb and won showmanship.
Jess was also District Champion Showmanship with her steer.

I am really proud of all the kids that participated in the sheep project.
They did an awesome job of grooming, showing and finishing their lambs.

After the show, comes the tough part for many of the kids.
The kids then sell their market steers and lambs.
One by one, the kids enter the show ring and their animals get sold by auction to the highest bidder.
All these animals go directly from the show to slaughter.

Usually after some tears the kids understand.
It is all part of the process. The know when they start on this project, that their animals will be sold for meat.
What we do try to teach our kids is that you must take pride in your animal,
raise it with love and respect.
In this way you will produce meat that is top quality, locally grown, no hormones, no antibiotics.
Meat that has been raised with love and care,
and eaten with respect and appreciation.

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