Monday, 24 June 2013

Parades, petting zoo and an elk

Eric works in a small town called Fahler,
famous for its "Biggest Bee".
Fahler is known for its apiary industry and
honey is an important commodity here.

Every year they have...
you may have guessed it already...
"Honey Days".
A parade  kicks things off.

Jess rode in the parade to promote the Elks Pro Rodeo as a rodeo queen contestant.
She says its tough to smile and wave all day...
Poor girl, my heart bleeds for her..

We brought a few animals along for the kids to pet.
Gus, has now a new purpose in life..
he has become, a petting zoo calf.

Shadow came along for the ride and the kids loved hanging all over him.
I love Sarplaninac dogs!

Even, the chickens got loved on..
it is heart warming to see how the town kids
 interact with the farm animals.

After the hustle and bustle of town life
it was then back to my world..
One filled with trees, pastures and wildlife..

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