Sunday, 23 September 2012

New puppy pics

Finally, I had some time to post some puppy pictures.
These are just group shots,
the individual shots will follow...

We try to teach the pups from a young age to be aware of cougars...

First day out for the White-ties..

and for the Blackies..

Does anyone have pity on the cat?

A group barnyard kind of pic...
I must admit that the lambs were terrified.

My puppy photograpic assistant today.

Hope you had a great weekend.


  1. Looks they all still want to sleep! Aw. And they’re all charming. You’re truly fortunate to have them. If I may suggest, aside from taking them for a walk at least twice a day, playing catch with them is also a way to make them more bonded to their owners. Teach them tricks, also, to exercise their concentration and alertness.

    Liza Bedoya

    1. Thanks Liz for your comments. These pups will be growing up as livestock guardian dogs. this means that they will live 24/7/365 with the sheep and not within a family home setting. We do want the primary bond to be with the sheep and not with the people. We do not raise them as feral dogs but we certainly do not play ball and teach them tricks. The playing ball especially not as that encourages play chace behaviour. We do not want these dogs wanting to play/chase, this transfers really quickly to playful lambs..and we do not want them pulling wool or hurting the stock. I understand that with so many breeds playing ball and other games is a perfect way to bond with them and creates a learning mind for dogs. But, in all honesty that is not the route you want to go with LGD. These dogs as adults have to be perfectly content to live out with the stock, go where the sheep go and not want to lie on the deck all day. These dogs first bond is to the stock and then to their owner. There are times when the dogs do not get more than 10-15 minutes people attention when they are older because they are out working with the sheep. These breeds are so different to your average home pet. They do make fanastic pets as well but even then most shars are not really interested in ball games. It is beneath them ;)

  2. From afar, your puppies can be mistaken for a flock of sheep! They’re just so adorable that I just want to give them a warm hug! It’s not easy to take care of puppies, but it’s very fulfilling and satisfying, right?

    -Elenora Coward


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