Thursday, 13 September 2012


We are looking for someone to help us with our winter lambing.

We lamb from Christmas through to the middle of January (3 weeks).
We are looking for additional help in this period to care for the newborn lambs, feeding, and bedding.
Additional work will also include looking after the other animals on the ranch.
Even if you do not have experience and you would be interested, let us know.
We can train/teach someone what they need to know.

The perks of the job is of course:
freezing your butt off,
night shifts
and hard work.

The downside is that you may get to see northern lights...

We are also looking for someone who wants to help us with haying next summer.
We have about 1200 acres that needs to be hayed.
The work entails many hours on the tractor, with fantastic views and wildlfe sightings.
Of course it is mostly work and a little bit of play...

Please share this with anyone you  know, who may be interested.
For more information, please contact me HERE
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