Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Meet the kids (part 1)

Meet Katcha and Vuk's kids.

I must say that these are not glamour shots.
The colour is a bit off (my fault...) and some are over exposed (sorry)
Pups at 3 weeks are just emerging from the blind mole stage into becoming a puppie.
Some are photogenic, others are not so interested in puppy portraits.
None of these have names yet..

This is male 1, he has a small white marking on his chest:

Male 2:
Female 1:

Female 2

Female 3:

Females 3 and 4
The colour they are here in this picture is what they look like now!

Female 4

Mom and male pup 1

Some random other puppy picstures..

These pups have also started eating now.
katcha taught them better table manners as they stay way cleaner than Snowy's pups.

All these pups are spoken for and will be going to wonderful new homes.

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