Monday, 10 September 2012

I can sleep again!

Life has become a whole lot easier now with the orphans.
They are now lapping mushy puppy food from a dish.
This is a big milestone as the pups are not dependant anymore on the bottle feeding.
Meal times are still very messy as the pups still walk through the food, wipe it on their litter mates and generally get it all over the place.

I can sleep through the night now as I have also moved the pups out of our living room.
They have now mved into a "puppy house".
Here the pups have space to move,
a warm bed,
a plate of food
and company from their litter mates.
They still want to suck on each others ears and other private parts but things are looking better.
I do still seperate the two worse offenders and hope that this rapidly dimish now that they can lap their food.

Thnigs are moving in the right direction.
In a week or two they should be able to move into the sheep barn to start life as a sheep guardian dog...

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