Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A little of this and a little of that.

Here is the  week's round up.
Firstly, Katcha's babies are doing great.
Their eyes are opening, they are growing like weeds and are looking good.
I can really appreciate all the work Katcha is doing.

Snowy's Pups are also growing well considering that they don't have momma.
The pups have me figured out.
during the day they sleep, are quiet and  eat.
At night they are loud, they scream at me for food and attention.
One of the pups, Tarzan decided he wanted to live outside the box.
He would squeak so much that I let him go.
He would crawl around the house to look for me.
Did you know, that the pups sometimes suck on their front paws..
that is seriously cute.

We are finishing up with the haying.
That does not mean that we are done.
Just that we have another 130acres to bale and another 80 to cut.
But, the end is sort of in sight.

Due to rain, all the haying came to a still stand.
that of course gave us time to do some other chores.
One of these chores was setting up the windmill at the dugout for aeration.
Finally it got done!

We pulled the bulls from the cows on the weekend.
It rained and rained.
The kids and I gathered up the cows,
separated the bulls and brought these guys back home.
Another job done.

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