Sunday 20 May 2012

Sarplaninac updates

The big dogs are in limbo.
At the moment nothing really exciting is happening.
Everyone is waiting for a bit more grass growth before they can head out into the bush and spend the entire summer chasing anything from squirrels to bears that are potentially endangering the sheep.
However, right now, all they do is hang out.

The biggest news is that our Molly is not ours anymore.
She has moved to Saskatchewan to go and help keep the sheep of Tara safe.
I was somewhat embarrassed as she had decided that she would do a total "blowing of her coat" just before Tara and Tacy came and collected her.
She looked rather sad to say the least....
I have heard that she has settled in.

The other news is that I never really formally introduced the pup we kept from the litter of Vuk and Snowy.
Well, the lad is called Shadow.
He is calm, quite and really easy going.

On the left is Shadow (the big boy) and on the right is Zina.

His sister, Zina (who is sold but staying a bit longer is):
a live wire
an excavator,
she reminds me of her daddy...

As Zina felt that she needed the whole ditrict as her playground, and kept enticing dear Shadow to go on little jaunts down the road.. I desperately needed to intervene.
Due to a some time constraints I could not deal with her escaping directly, so she spent a couple of days chained in the sheep pasture.

Last weekend I had a moment to:
Place an electric net in front of the page wire
run an extra hot wire over top
fortify the gates
place some hotwires on the fortified gate.
The puppy Alcatraz..

After that I made a sprint to the barn so that she would not associate me with her escapeing escapades.
Well, two remiinders and since then she has been as good as gold.
She has stayed in the designated pasture and now finally even seems content to be there.

She and Shadow are now in the boys pen.
They have some rams, some bulls, a stud colt, Vuk and Lucy for company.
This will be their home for the next few months.

They are in that really goofy stage, all the puppy cuteness has gone,
all thats left is gangly legs, big heads, wiggly bodies, funny faces.
And, as you can see these two are fairly attached to each other.

Zina left and Shadow right.

I am sure you will hear alot more about these two future guardians..


  1. Oh, I love the big boy, Shadow! Is Zina going to be Andrea's?

  2. Shadow is a nice guy. Zina is Andrea's pup. She was going to collect her a few weeks back but nobody showed up. So, until she gets collected she is my responsibility to train. She does remind me of Vuk. Vuk is doing very well now, so I am sure this will all turn out well.


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