Friday, 11 May 2012

The Naked Sheep

Shearing the sheep is always a milestone in the yearly sheep calender!
We do not want to do it to early in the year as the sheep could get cold and are horrible to shear.
We do however, also like to get it done just before the grazing season starts.
So usually, the first week in May suits us best.
This year we did not feel like shearing for 4 days in a row, so we decided to hire in two extra shearers to help get the job done.
Barbara, Jess and I were kept busy with packing wool, sorting and gathering sheep, seperating out the lambs, cleaning the shearing floor, feeding everyone.

It was a good shearing this year!
This is Travis, he even took the time to teach Jess how to shear a sheep.

This is Jess trying to shear a sheep ( this was not successful..)

The shearing gang:
Dwayne, Ruben, Travis and at the back is Barbara.

Barbara was the official bagger this time, here she is sewing the bag closed.
Dwayne, getting up close and personal.
It is nice to see the sheep all cleaned up and ready to go!

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