Tuesday, 29 May 2012

4H Horse Achievement

Last weekend, thie kids had their 4H horse achievement day.
Roy really knows how to "bring it", he aced his showmanship and trail course and was second in the horsemanship.

Jess did a high speed precision trail course, and had a second
but her Loretta was a little on the excited side to do well in the other classes...

But the most important of all,
they had fun,
love their horse
and had another good year in the 4h horse project!

After all the showing, the 4H club went out on the Sunday for a nice trail ride and a wiener roast afterwards.
The parents joined the kids on the ride and a nice day has had by all.
My horse also wanted to be in the picture with Carolyn, Jess and Samantha.

Roy and his 24 year old mare Sue (aka Oma)

And this concluded the horse project.
We are now getting ready for the Beef and lamb achievement day this Saturday!

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