Friday, 4 May 2012


I am sorry,
I have been a little overwhelmed lately with all sorts of jobs and activities and have just not had time to blog.
I missed you.
Our evenings are long again, at 10 pm it is still light and that means all sorts of outdoor activities take place until late..

Yesterday, we went and visited the Shady Lane  Hutterite Colony.
They were gathering up their cattle,
sorting and vaccinating.
Later, they were going to start branding
however we had to leave before then.

My favorite picture of the day is this one:
Taking a moment..
After a few long, busy and hectic days it was nice to take break, look at some more cows and visit a bit.
Next week will be hectic again, with sheep shearing, farrier,articles and our normal day to day work.
So, take a moment and enjoy these pictures from the Colony.

Moving the front end on.

Keeping them flowing

Sorting the cows and the calves.

Catching up with the latest news.

Everyone helps.

Tailgate lunches are the best!

The rear crew.

Tagging the old girl.

Zoey, the collie making sure everything moves smoothly!

Yes, it was a good day.


  1. Beautiful photographs. Tell a great story!

  2. LOUISE! The first and last photos are OUTSTANDING!


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